In A Dream


I once had a dream

I wore my favorite flannel shirt

In a mall store

People all around


I talked, to someone

Asking for help

The details fail me

But they were confused


In a mirror, I saw

Myself, yet I was

Other than I am

Bent, but still someone


A stranger ignored

Disabled and twisted

Words that I spoke

Others could not hear


So clear I tried

To tell my side

But ears never heard

Any of my words.




In this world, I work with and support, Vulnerable Adults, those with MR, Cognitive disabilities, Developmental defects, Mental Illness, and TBI, (Traumatic Brain Injury,) and so it has become a large part of who I am. I have learned more from my friends than from the mainstream world. I smile more, laugh more, and take life a little less seriously…simply happy to be here.

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