Not Of This Place


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A pilgrim, I walk alone

Friends I meet, and lose

Pain I have felt

Some I did choose


In a barren land I tread

Thinking by choice

A guiding hand

Usurped my voice


And I am a traveler

Paths I forge in trust

With no map

I must


A Pilgrim, walking alone

A visitor in this place

For a time

Then I go in Grace






Why do I try to explain

To others, so long lost

Maybe I am wrong


A world in strife

I live my life

Lost in life’s song


The choice is clear

If they want to hear

But they argue


I love all

My enemies I embrace

I love you


Hurt me

Love me

I am here


I am unmoved

In turmoil I stand

Because I am here



Never Me



When what we do for others

Matters more than ourselves


We have finally gone home


When we fade, and become

Everything to another


No accolades, no praise


Never sought, never wanted

Given without contract


Of ourselves we give without limits


We are of this world and more

With my heart I wish


Another to care


When my time has come

And I want to go home





The Seed



It was planted long ago

Old journals from the past


Writing I no longer know

Show a truth that will ever last


Reading words I now forget

As another, found the truth


Upon a path walked in neglect

Brought home as a living proof


It was always with me

Though I fought those words


As I read what then I sought

I live with what I said and heard


It was planted long ago

What then I could not see


Now I surrender everything

Who, and what, I came to be





In Reflection


Courtesy of: Freepik


An obsession

Craving another


To belong

As property











Away, unwanted


Tell me you need me

That I may believe

Your words


In your hands

In your eyes




What I do not want

Of myself


My mirror


I the reflection

To be

What you see


Mirrors crack

Images twist


Thrown away

Another to replace



Original Art:


I am NUG

A Naked Ugly Guy

Left outside alone

And never knew why


I am NUG

Carved with care

Then abandoned

Forgotten and left there


I am NUG

Decades have passed

Seasons are gone

Now I’m home at last


I was NUG

I am no longer alone

By my fireplace

I protect this home.








Just Here



This one they call Steve

Sits drinking his coffee


A vague memory of driving here

As he sits flipping

Through a Buddhist magazine


Forgot his reading glasses again

So, he squints’ absently

Absent, nowhere

Writing this on his phone


None of this is planned

Never planned

And yet it happens


Spontaneously in this moment, and this, and this…