Original Art:


I am NUG

A Naked Ugly Guy

Left outside alone

And never knew why


I am NUG

Carved with care

Then abandoned

Forgotten and left there


I am NUG

Decades have passed

Seasons are gone

Now I’m home at last


I was NUG

I am no longer alone

By my fireplace

I protect this home.









4 comments on “I AM NUG

  1. Author:

    This very old woodcarving, that sat outside a rural house for many, many years. Someone, long ago, cared enough to release him from the wood. And he sat, year after year, forgotten by many…. hopefully not by all.

    The creator, long gone.

    There is Beauty in the unique, and so the name; NUG, (Naked Ugly Guy,) was given lovingly, and with a smile.

    I took him home.
    Time is scarce, if you believe in that sort of concept, and he waited. Patiently…at least warm.

    Now, once again, awareness is on NUG. He matters, as all things do; Animate, and otherwise.

  2. I should mention; this piece was unfinished and greyed, never having been painted or sealed.

  3. Roy Evans says:

    This is just awesome! I loved it!

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