Love Of Old



No longer chasing things I didn’t need

Things they told me I wanted

And I believed


The blinding fire finally recedes

And time has granted me

All of my life’s pleads


“He is old they say;” outdated

But I know what they do not

Yet I care not to debate


I am, as I was as a child, I remain

Outward visages are deceiving

I was as you, these things I retain


And all must learn these things in time

As I smile, watching this world

Knowing a truth I hope you may find





I see and love

I understand,  I try

Unmoved in my seeing

In the least of these


I do not; I cannot, judge

Every breath a gift

Yet I cannot rest

Even if not for me


Others abound

And I fail into my,”Life.”

My Wants go

My Concerns go


I am for you.

I have always been

For in you, I am

You may be


Someone I know

Or a stranger

You may be Him

How can I know?


And I realize

“You,” are in all

Every touch I give

Every heart I know


I am Yours.

End Of Days


In winters cold I found you

Lost too long to warmer times

Silence, and solitude, thoughts reflect


In frosted panes you appear fractured

Lines running deep, pane to pain

Written in crystal clear poetic justice


You and I are once again

Made whole


For A Time


Courtesty of:

Barely beating

Pain reminds

How short this is


Distance between

Saving others

From sure endings


How long?

This in between

Fearful in the waiting


Every Dawn

A curse brought

In suffering and joy


Worlds Apart



Torn apart, I miss you

I miss the little things


I wish you were here

To see what I became


I miss your heart

Your love on mine


Torn apart, I miss you

I miss a possible life


I wish you could see

The man I have become


I miss your touch

In the dark of night


Torn time ticks slowly

I miss fulfilled moments


I wish you were here

To see what might have been



This book is not an easy one

A translation of an ancient script

Something lost across the years


The rain beats on the windows

Spring branches tap their song

Full of unborn life in buds


Sometimes, just sometimes

Everything fits, no lost pieces

A puzzle that never was that


And the rain beats

Branches sing along

As words blur in perfection



Courtesy of:


Call out to a dead heart

Touch in Love

Those we know not


Forgotten as we are

They also weep

No longer



One by one

Brought home


A kind word given

Freely, no strings

Just because


A favor Lent

Paid by giving

To one, and all.