Love Of Old



No longer chasing things I didn’t need

Things they told me I wanted

And I believed


The blinding fire finally recedes

And time has granted me

All of my life’s pleads


“He is old they say;” outdated

But I know what they do not

Yet I care not to debate


I am, as I was as a child, I remain

Outward visages are deceiving

I was as you, these things I retain


And all must learn these things in time

As I smile, watching this world

Knowing a truth I hope you may find




4 comments on “Love Of Old

  1. This felt like an intimate conversation and I’m blessed to have been offered a window. Heartfelt poetry. Perfect and just what I needed this morning.
    Thank you.

  2. So raw and free in your artsy that’s beautiful. I pray you’re always this true to your voice. Well done.

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