The Dogs Of War



Release the dogs of war

Literary beasts, teeth rending

The fabric of personal realities

Digested too long, spew forth.


Primal vicissitudes evolved

Transformed by perception, and time

Unleashed, set forth to feed upon

Ravenous souls bereft of direction.


Purpose guide my pens blade

Slash life upon this virgin page

Blood stained truth covering

The lies and banalities of this world.






3 comments on “The Dogs Of War

  1. This is a revised piece from a published book, ” Pallette of Seasons,” by S. Allen.

  2. By the time I got to the third stanza I was thankful for your plea. The last few lines dynamic and easily drawn for us, which I adore because it was effortless to read. May have to do with my mindset that the world deserves healing and care. The beginning took time to digest and really set the mood for the gif and your frustration…this was written quite well, Stoic.

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