Where I Am



Where else could I be?
Past regrets call to me
Yet I cannot change
Anything I used to be

Where I may wander
Here and yonder
I choose only today
Though I may ponder

And I am still here
Regrets may appear
Yet I cannot change
Anything else but here





As I grow weary
My words walk for me
Sharing what few see
Of places glimpsed
Of what might be

There is no need
No sorrow or loss
So many miles crossed
Yet I remain
With no sense of loss








Images abound
An attempt to go
Where love is lost
No words resound

Trying to hold
The unreachable
No words remain
No lasting sound

Tainted images
Bodies of wonder
For a moment
But never found

Watching pictures
When all around
We ignore
Beauty that abounds


In The Playground


Many things may never change
A merry go round year to year
Spun so fast we fall away
In a spinning world of day to day

Scuffles upon the monkey bars
With every year we show the scars
No recess here in this playground
Lessons taught but lies abound

So I will take my ball back home
The game was sometimes fun to play
Bruised and broken I have found
Little fun in this playground