Finite Lines


From here to there
Life seems
Beginnings to ends
Stitched seams

We were, and are
Then not
It always seems
Lives forgot

From one to another
We dream
For another’s hope
Life leans





The Play


When time has passed and I am worn
Upon this wrinkled brow is borne
Of conquests long since forgotten
And treasures won, spent, and begotten

Cracking knees speak of prayers spoken
In times of need and a soul so broken
Upon this back, life’s burden was laid
And with every breath a debt was repaid

And finally as I lay me down to sleep
I know that nothing was meant to keep
A world, a stage, upon which we play
Another act will begin as we fade away


Full Circle

900_An old man returning home

We search, always seeking
Along this path before us
A lifetime, step by step
No map in our hand

Detours and byways
Rest stops are few
A lifetime, step by step
No matter our plan

Maybe one day we see
We never really left home
A lifetime, step by step
And yet here we still stand

Coming full circle.




The Demon Within


Never far from the surface
Dwelling in the past
In dank dark places
He awaits a sweet repast

He does not have a conscience
No sense of right or wrong
No limits to his anger
Forgotten for far too long

In rare times of weakness
He ventures to the light
Savage destruction is his goal
Vengeful  damage is his delight

Finally seen in the daylight
Naked in his truest form
Slinking back into his lair
After feeding on the storm





Original Art:


I am NUG

A Naked Ugly Guy

Left outside alone

And never knew why


I am NUG

Carved with care

Then abandoned

Forgotten and left there


I am NUG

Decades have passed

Seasons are gone

Now I’m home at last


I was NUG

I am no longer alone

By my fireplace

I protect this home.








In This Time


I find myself here

Never by choice

As no one does


Day to day

Arise and we do

What we must


I often question

What I have become

And I try to trust


That I am guided

By some hand

Knowing what I was


This turn of the wheel

Pray I clean the slate

Of what I am


Retribution is harsh

Yet I accept the price

And do as I must


Joy is within this

Life as it is

This game of trust


And I bow now

To one who was

Always, a better man.

A Simple Riddle


Courtesy of:


Why do we make everything so hard?


I am: You are within my dream, nothing more

There is only I, one, and no one else




You are: And I am within your dream, nothing more

There is only you, and no one else




There was never I nor you

It is a game we play without end


A puzzle without resolution


A game I play with myself

A game you play with yourself


Together we play


Yet we are one and not two

And we were never alone, nor apart.