Images abound
An attempt to go
Where love is lost
No words resound

Trying to hold
The unreachable
No words remain
No lasting sound

Tainted images
Bodies of wonder
For a moment
But never found

Watching pictures
When all around
We ignore
Beauty that abounds



The Fire


The furnace of anger rages
Written upon pages
To another’s heart
We rend apart

On the morrow we see
Demons we set free
To hurt and diminish
A love finished

No path back can repair
Words so unfair
So much sorrow
Ours for tomorrow







I have travelled with a map
I became lost in this sea
Where charts failed

Sailing into unknown waters
Adrift upon the tides

I learned of unknown lands
I found shores never seen
Where tales were born

Sailing, the back broken
I now reside

I visited and left
I found no solace
Where legends promised
Fists pounding

Sailing berthed for now.








A single flaw
Promises made
Mistakes made
Believed, over and over

For a lifetime
One for another

There is no grace
When sacrifices made

Reflections in dark mirrors
Pasts holds no virtue
Steps fall in silent halls

No one knows anyone
Yet we try
Taking, always taking

When alone
We finally see
That we walk alone


Untrodden Paths


In dusty ruins of a past
Footprints fade away
Others gone before us
Trying to lead the way

So we repeat our mistakes
Blind to the wall
We hit our head upon
Still surprised that we fall

In virgin soil now we sow
Insane they will say
As I turn and walk away
For a silent place to pray





The Dead Spot

Walking Into The Abyss

Courtesy of: RiseEarth

There is a moment rarely found
Between hope and fear
Where silent eternity abounds
Unborn, limitless and clear
Where worlds and words fall away

This is where life is truly lived

Stepping from the edge of thought
The abyss greets one and all
From paths always fraught
To embrace the dead spot and fall
Awakening in the dream

With nowhere else to go