The Finding


Never seeing the loss
The saddest of all
Never to recall
The deepest cost

Left in childhood
What children know
Left as we grow
What we understood

Maybe we fall
By chance or fate
Maybe not too late
By Grace we recall

Instead of finding
Maybe turned around
Instead of life’s blinding
Maybe we are found




In secret places seeds may fall
Fertile soil beyond the wall
Planted in time they will grow
Yet we may never know
Anger’s weeds are fast to bloom
Fear allows the growing room
Shame to feed the subtle shoots
Pride digs deep its roots
Slowly sometimes roses bloom
Pushing up from the tomb
Vines climb from deep within
Atop a wall to begin again

What Matters


Why can we not begin each day as if it was our first?

Why do we carry, a dead past forward?

That is gone, and this is this

I greet you anew, as you do too


Past never was

Only now

Face to face


Land Of Dreams



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Nothing is, as it seems

Veiled and false

In this land of dreams


Beauty covers pain

Deeply hidden

No one is to blame


What you may want

Others become

Farther from the Fonte


Cut the subtle vein

The horror within

As life yields to pain


And awaken, please

From this play

You have the keys



Life In The Shallows


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Sparkling and bright

Reflections always abound

Beauty is all around


Apparent glory

Enamored and lost


We are bedazzled


Maybe we feel the tide

A slight pull to Openness

We blindly resist this


And it is gone

We continue


Closed to possibility


Life in a Tidal pool

Safe in a familiar place

The Truth not yet faced


The Ocean waits

The Great Unknown

The Dark Abyss


Some may venture

Into the depths, the deep

Others rest in sleep


In sorrow, we feel

The pull of the unknown


Into Life beyond, freedom


To understand it all

As it truly may be

As it reveals we may see


Not what you thought

Could ever imagine


All of Life.