Shining Knight


I am tired
Rusted armour tells the tale
A life given
Yet destined to fail

I have rode
Along paths few have seen
Full of possibility
What might have been

Upon my steed
This saddle thin and worn
All I want
To remain battle born



Through The Years


In time all things fall
Insanity softens to understanding
It was not that, ever
Simply a Truth, beyond its time

Embraced, reconciled
Never apart, but finally accepted
Maybe known before its time
I was, am, that I always was

Now to feel more, and think less
Silence is no longer boredom
It never was, yet was unheeded
I am finally enjoying the play
And I applaud





Photo: Courtesy of John Kelsey

Storms knife edge
Slicing into being
Cutting deep
Calloused scars open

Healing yet again
Heart still beating
Never doubtful
Never fall


Storms knife edge
Slice into being
Cut deeply
Calloused scars open

Healed yet again
Heart still beats
Never doubtful
Never fall


I Was


I was a boy throwing sticks
The chestnut tree so tall
Hours every day
The prize that would not fall

In driving rain before school
I would try to hit
The autumn’s last prize
Never doubting it

“Conkers” was the game
On a string to split
Oven baked on a string
That final hit

And I remember that
A life so simple and pure
So free in innocence
That life endures