I have travelled with a map
I became lost in this sea
Where charts failed

Sailing into unknown waters
Adrift upon the tides

I learned of unknown lands
I found shores never seen
Where tales were born

Sailing, the back broken
I now reside

I visited and left
I found no solace
Where legends promised
Fists pounding

Sailing berthed for now.







Never Me



When what we do for others

Matters more than ourselves


We have finally gone home


When we fade, and become

Everything to another


No accolades, no praise


Never sought, never wanted

Given without contract


Of ourselves we give without limits


We are of this world and more

With my heart I wish


Another to care


When my time has come

And I want to go home





Lessons Learned

Each of us, we know some things,
gathered stories from the past.
Convinced of what the future holds,
we cling to them true and fast.

Standing up for what we believe,
a deaf ear too often we turn.
To every other point of view,
So many lessons we never learn.

Every person we will ever meet,
unique and perfect in their own way.
Can teach a truth we do not know,
if we only hear what they have to say.

If I Were



If I were sane, I maybe could explain,

What it is you want from me.


If I were blind, I could maybe find,

The words to tell you what I cannot see.


If I were weak, I maybe could not speak,

My mind and my thoughts.


Beyond your scope, beyond your hope,

Things that cannot ever be taught.


You are you, and I am not you,

Why can’t you see?


I maybe blind, but I can find,

The truth where we can just be.