Nature Prayer


Original Art: stephendallen

Harbinger of souls
Carry me beyond
This Earthly caste

Above the forlorn
To rise, to see
Clear and open

Beyond the rabble
See the whole
Unmired from detail

Dark wing carry
Into the sun
Where all are one



Pretty Things



We see the pretty places
With sun and sand
Upon a beach hand in hand

Gloss over ugly things
Averted gaze we look
Away from what we took

Security just an illusion
Seeing what we choose
Never seeing what we lose


Only Words


Hearing words, they are but sound
Shallow pools in an oceans depths
Tidal whispers silence the roar of waves

In tidal pools, life is small
Struggle, to breath sometimes

Striving to live life diminished
Yet the source is near
If we could but remember

In tidal pools life is small
The oceans depths are always near

Death Is A Friend



We are born (borne) in death

As one moment dies

Another brings life


And we are here


What we are cannot last

Endings and beginnings

Never to be lived again


And we are here


Reborn in the gaps of time

Only one constant remains

Knowing alone stands


And we are here


In a dying world we live

Both reborn from ashes

Fresh as a rising sun


And we are here