Dark Night


Courtesy: rebloggy.com

Dark beauty arise

In blackness

Dark nights reprise


Beyond sighted eyes

In silence

Beyond fallen cries


Faith no more

In sadness

Faith to abhor


Known yet unknown

In silence

Known yet alone


Dark beauty arise

In blackness

Dark beauty arise


Last Stand


Standing alone, forever unknown

Being all there is, never less


Others are gone, this last dawn

In vivid beauty, selfless shining


One beyond compare, beyond rare

For this moment alive, vital


Without care of an ending

The Dream

art - dream

The dream is of one, gentle and kind

Full of compassion and care

Without ever looking will find

One who has always been there


Fortunes will come, and surely go

Castles will crumble in time

Life’s  pendulum swings to and fro

As everything tends to decline


The dream is of one, it will always remain

Never diminished, never lost

Awake or asleep are one and the same

Until the final boundary is crossed

I Die Each Day

Each day, outside the boundaries of time, fresh as no day has ever been, nor could ever be again.

I die to all that has gone before, what has been, never was, complete, perfect and forgotten.

The past is dead, and laid to rest, whole and cleansed, never again to taint this day.

I am this day, as this day is all there is, in wonder and love, eternal, without boundaries or center.

Coffee Shop


My eyes close, the sweet scent playfully teases

Freshly baked, soft and fragrant

Vanilla I think, with just a hint of cinnamon


The strong coffee is warm in my hand

Sitting alone, the magazine lies open

More a way to avoid the occasional stares


Music, aromas, mixed conversations, just one perfect moment



The Darkness Within


Dwelling in dank dark places,

often denied, always hidden.


Never far beneath the surface,

the beast, alter ego, nemesis of light.


Counterbalance mirror to virtuosity,

our necessary evil to all that is good.


He defines beauty in contrast,

a primal balance forged in creations kiln.


Willingly held captive, the drive,

embraced by love and understanding.


Strength and gentleness defined,

in eternal balance and harmony.