Pretty Things



We see the pretty places
With sun and sand
Upon a beach hand in hand

Gloss over ugly things
Averted gaze we look
Away from what we took

Security just an illusion
Seeing what we choose
Never seeing what we lose




I open my eyes and you are not here
I know that you are always near

In times of joy that I need to share
I know in my heart you are always there

When tears must fall and life is hard
I know that we are not far apart

Lost Souls

I see the look, in sallow eyes
Glazed by fear, desolation lies
Averted gaze, so inward turned
Sadness the rule, hard lessons learned

Many glance, some look right through
So much taken, so little left of you
Few will spare a minute to see
They are you and you are me

So many lost, alone and scared
You are not unseen, I give my word
If a stranger offers to help you through
Know you are giving the gift of you