Walk A Mile



Highway exit

Unshaven, un-showered

His dog, trusting as so many never did


Turn a blind eye and move on


Night falls

Surely there is a shelter

Someone else who cares


Judgment is cruel, justification


Care, when others refuse

But for grace

Small acts change lives


Love is free


A kind word, if nothing else, costs nothing

Compassion in a world so cold

Be the one thing of value in someone’s day


Save someone’s life.


Second-Hand​ Lives



The young child is running wild

As children often do

A mother yells distracted and annoyed

Expected; that is true


The cell phone never leaves her face

Something that cannot wait

Annoyed at the interruption

Her child’s behavior of late


Something so important

Something beyond her child

Something that really cannot wait

No; just a friend who has beguiled


Second-hand lives lived apart

Never to be lived again

Missing the important things

For selfish personal gain


Addiction is an insidious thing

Creeping while unaware

Life passes once and never again

In a breath, they are not there.



Among the trees

Leaves softly speak

To the breeze

That moves them


Whispers in our ears

If we but listen

Maybe too near

Do you hear them?


Simple as this

We seek to find

A knowing kiss

Do you feel it?


It was always here

Where you began

Every fallen tear

Does your heart know it?

Over The Wall


They say I arrived; born

I do not; cannot remember

They say it was in December


The first stones were laid

I was taught yes and no

What to say, and it was so


School taught me the rules

Do this, not that, they said

So the foundation was laid


Safety within the wall

Where we are all the same

Far too young to blame


My culture, my people

Be the same, always fit in

If we agree there is no sin


Stone set upon stone

You and me, us and them

Keep them out, and us in


Now I cannot truly see

Things you wanted for me

And I am not free


My heart aches

I stop

I cannot see

Beyond the wall

Blindly I climb


Not knowing

Where I am bound

Yet I must search

And lost or found

I will see


All of what I was denied

What a world denies

If my life, I must give

To know the truth

Then I offer this alone


All that I truly have.

So Long


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9 years since I have seen my family

The ones of blood

Of shared roots, and skinned knees


9 years full of sowing and reaping

Each to his own

So long, yet never the sound of weeping


9 years, and likely quite a few more

Paths no longer cross

Life was not a game, and there was no score



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Shielded by memory

Changed, dead

The word is not the thing


Fearing the real

Twisting the truth

Of what the now may bring


In the gaps lay the unspoken

Not the thoughts that bind

With a death grip we cling


To lose ourselves

So simple it seems

Without remembering

Just You


I know you

We played in the sandbox

I made you do it

You cried,

I was sad


“Try it,” I said

You did

I picked up the pieces

As you scattered


She was the one

I saw time without end

You were easy to convince

How flawed we were


The next play will come

But now

A pinch of salt

Keeps them at bay