Beauty And Pain



Joy and sadness together as one
So much beauty and pain in this life
Compassion given and received
Angers fiery touch at times
Blinding flames of passion too
Yet none were the love I sought

Until together I touched each one
In heartbreak and in gentle smiles
In burning rage and in tenderness
A gentle dawning arose
Love was none of these alone
Her heart holding all
In a gentle embrace




Old Coats



I wear the past

An old coat, tattered and torn

Long in tooth

I should have long ago shorn


Yet it finds me again

All this lifetime to be worn

Taken off sometimes

Never far from hand to adorn


I wear the past

This old coat, tattered and torn

Bones broken and bent

Memories tattered and torn



Cold Day Dreams


City sidewalk cafe

Crispy fried chicken

A sweet girl talking

All smiles and black hair full of curls


So familiar in her long black coat

Down and nylon

Is she the one serving?

Somehow I know her


From a dream or awake?

She asks about some children

As they play on the street

And I am awake


As she lingers within me





I am myself an idea

Nothing more


Writing fading words

From the deep before


Upon illusions page

The stories score


A life imagined

Nothing more.

Walk A Mile


Highway exit

Unshaven, un-showered

His dog, trusting as so many never did


Turn a blind eye and move on


Night falls

Surely there is a shelter

Someone else who cares


Judgment is cruel, justification


Care, when others refuse

But for grace

Small acts change lives


Love is free


A kind word, if nothing else, costs nothing

Compassion in a world so cold

Be the one thing of value in someone’s day


Save someone’s life.



Courtesy of:

To truth, I offer what I used to be

This shell I once thought was me


To your grace I bow and offer this

This burden, which I will not miss


Be mine in act, in word, and thought

To take to heart what you have taught


And as I lay me down to rest

Embraced I know I am truly blessed

This Dream


What I Am Thankful For

That I am close to the end of this dream

A dream that I thought was true, it is not

I have simply forgotten that I am dreaming


I have believed this is all real


For your and my enjoyment

But then I am you, and you are me

So the one I blame is myself

Though most blame others