Only Words


Hearing words, they are but sound
Shallow pools in an oceans depths
Tidal whispers silence the roar of waves

In tidal pools, life is small
Struggle, to breath sometimes

Striving to live life diminished
Yet the source is near
If we could but remember

In tidal pools life is small
The oceans depths are always near


Petals of Deceit


Petals of deceit pressed dead between hand written pages

Rescued from the final insult, among crumpled documents and this mornings half eaten Danish

From a friend once trusted but never twice

Faded reminders of the knife twisted in blatant cruelty and greed

Conscience or remorse, mere words scattered about these pages

Acrid scent of decay, fragrance of honor brittle and crumbling

A fa├žade of false beliefs, in ruins, this delusional construct of insanity laid bare

The insane leading the fallen, battling over scraps of discarded pastry and yesterdays friends.