Living On The Surface



How much was my deposit?
My life a week older
How better off am I?
As I get older

What are the means?
Of living here
When what I give
Causes more fear

I am tired now
Please let me rest
Give a little time now
I will be my best

I finally see now
What it all means
Spending a lifetime
For others means.





The Final Step


They say I am an odd one

Never fitting the square hole

Dismissive, and done


They say I am disconnected

Alienated to the world

Maybe mentally affected


Yet I am only this

Seeing beyond the words

Never a detail do I miss


And I love this world

Never so connected

The foundation unfurled


Every moment

I live to the last

Never did I own it


I used to see

I used to know

I used to watch


A simple shift

From watching

To being


One step


Now I am










In secret places seeds may fall
Fertile soil beyond the wall
Planted in time they will grow
Yet we may never know
Anger’s weeds are fast to bloom
Fear allows the growing room
Shame to feed the subtle shoots
Pride digs deep its roots
Slowly sometimes roses bloom
Pushing up from the tomb
Vines climb from deep within
Atop a wall to begin again

Now I Sleep


Now I sleep in trust

I relinquish this day

A memory that never was

Forgotten as so many before


A world in a faded dream

Meaning is an ethereal thing

A rear view speeding from view


There once was a man

Or so I was told

One who is well recalled


Words speak of deeds

I have never seen

Pulled from a past

Echoes of what has been




This Mirror









The glass is not the best quality

Imperfections are not few

Distortions may be fun for a time

But not when taken as true


Reflection can be a good thing

Just not when solely without

Within the truth may be seen

Beyond is in shadows doubt


This mirror that we look upon

Filtered through eyes of the past

Shows us what we want to see

A reality that simply won’t last



The Dream

art - dream

The dream is of one, gentle and kind

Full of compassion and care

Without ever looking will find

One who has always been there


Fortunes will come, and surely go

Castles will crumble in time

Life’s  pendulum swings to and fro

As everything tends to decline


The dream is of one, it will always remain

Never diminished, never lost

Awake or asleep are one and the same

Until the final boundary is crossed