Finite Lines


From here to there
Life seems
Beginnings to ends
Stitched seams

We were, and are
Then not
It always seems
Lives forgot

From one to another
We dream
For another’s hope
Life leans





Petals All


In the seasons of all
From spring to fall
All things grow

Blossoms may fade
In greying days
All hearts bestow

No ravage of time
Can ever define
Or quell the fire

Flowers of all man
All rise and stand
Beyond all desire

A rose will always be
Life born free
Yet never to be

Eternal as it lives
Over again it gives
For all to see





We arrive as a flicker
Some blaze
Some smolder
Some fade away

We live as grace allows
Some love
Some hate
Some may stay

We walk our own path
Some stumble
Some fall
Some find the way




The Question

Where you in Love?
I loved, was all I could manage
I have forgotten the, “you,” I was

Did you Love her?
I loved, but there was damage
I said after a long pause

Do you miss her?
I replied as politely as I could
I gave my heart because

Was it all worth it?
I loved the best I was able
It was who I was



Lost Baggage


Feeling lost, alone, forgotten
Others avoid, or worse, forget
But I, we, are more than fine

Beneath the surface of this madness
Changes are made for others
Rarely seen, but I smile

Nothing is for me, I never was
Others with open eyes walk
And baggage is lost to a different flight




Frozen Canal With Crows.


Crows wheeling in frozen dawn
Through branches along the lake
Every day rejoicing
Without limits of one born

This Christmas morn
I smile, alone
I am still here, still here
And rejoice of one born

Alone I feel joy, because I know
Every breath is a gift
One more day here
Maybe a little more worn

And I give thanks, always
For the chance to be
For others, in Grace
Though tattered and torn




Every line, every crease
A story in time is told
Battles lost and won

Yet I remain right here
As I was, never changed
Searching for the One

Mirrors tell an untruth
Life’s illusion tells lies
Seeing what was never done

Stepping out I see
A boy I once knew
Memories of no-one

Now I breathe, finally
Seeing a worlds grasp
What I need to become

And now I finally see
What I need to be
Only Humanities Son

Stoic: All Humanity is my Family