Living On The Surface



How much was my deposit?
My life a week older
How better off am I?
As I get older

What are the means?
Of living here
When what I give
Causes more fear

I am tired now
Please let me rest
Give a little time now
I will be my best

I finally see now
What it all means
Spending a lifetime
For others means.





In The Details


Courtesy: Frida Hermansson Photography

All that distracts
Candles and wine
And wasting time
Fashion and more
Love and deplore

Lost in the details
In ear’s it rings
Of made up things
The joy it will buy
A beautiful lie



Spindrifts, 14,000 feet at dawn
Ride a Devils Backbone
Where few have ever gone

A step across the great divide
The Continental Rift
One foot on either side

Thundering voices all around
Wind, granite, sage
In wonder without a sound

Sights beyond words, I have seen
Awed to stand before
These places I have been



Noisy Silence


Traffic rattles the dead of night
A world slowly comes to sight
Kettle whistles, egging on

Silent mastery in all sound
For Peace will always abound
Another day to face the dawn

Sizzled smells awaken senses
Greet the dawn without defenses
A favorite song begins to play

Pondering this noisy symphony
That is what it must always be
Without words begin the day

For silence holds no borderline
Accepting all rhythm and rhyme
Two sides of the same door

Entwined, sound embraces the quiet
Its birthplace upon which this riot
Lovers are held for evermore

One alone can never be apart
As Silence is what holds the heart
In Silence to adore



The Custodians



We were given a gift

The world to command

All Wisdom in our hands


If the World was without us

How would it be less?


We were gifted the One

Self-aware and absorbed

Yet we are so blind


Ego raised to an art

A World set apart

And we raped it all


The world without Man

Nature’s balance

As it was planned


What was the gift

We gave?

What did we offer?


If we never were

Life would have endured

Ensured as designed


Yet we were, we are

Lost in ourselves

Until the bitter end

A Stone Heart




Forged in a world of pain

Hardened by life

Driven by greed and gain

And so he learned

Never to be hurt again


Stoic and strong in many ways

But there were some times

Reflecting on some faded days

When it was not so

Bending a knee he often prays


Simple things he wants to feel

The joy of silence

To see what is truly real

Finally understood

There was nothing to heal


Falling upwards a heart will open

Time negates all wounds

The sheer falsity he was fed upon

Worries that never were

Truth is found in a kiss and a song




Force Of Will


I am the force of free will

forged of desire

fate having no dominion

my path is my own.


No one to blame

the immovable object

becoming unstoppable force

my actions stand alone.


Fault no man

look inward for truth

your lot the fault of no other

accept who you are, never atone.


Freedom to choose

never given but always taken

the path less travelled

destinies course not yet known.