The Fall


Am I destined
To walk beneath
Autumn leaves
Falling upon me
Life to earth

Orange-Red cape
Upon gray sight
I sit in an embrace
Of past summer love
Now arms surround

Comfort me now
As chill approaches
I am always held
That we may fall
Together to the ground




They try to wash away my colours
In a gray scale world
This place of insanity
Tells me I am the one insane

So I skip and smile
As they point and judge
As I refuse to bend
Towards their bitter end

A Word On Words


I speak, and a past floods
From your ears to a memory
Your past accessed
Yours not mine

You nod in understanding
A thought of your own, in time
A unique perspective
That was never mine

I talk and you listen
But mouth to ears are veiled
Until time and memories stop
When we are the same

When words are not needed

Beauty And Pain



Joy and sadness together as one
So much beauty and pain in this life
Compassion given and received
Angers fiery touch at times
Blinding flames of passion too
Yet none were the love I sought

Until together I touched each one
In heartbreak and in gentle smiles
In burning rage and in tenderness
A gentle dawning arose
Love was none of these alone
Her heart holding all
In a gentle embrace



The Dogs Of War



Release the dogs of war

Literary beasts, teeth rending

The fabric of personal realities

Digested too long, spew forth.


Primal vicissitudes evolved

Transformed by perception, and time

Unleashed, set forth to feed upon

Ravenous souls bereft of direction.


Purpose guide my pens blade

Slash life upon this virgin page

Blood stained truth covering

The lies and banalities of this world.