Breathe life to hope forgotten

Wings enfold a soul

Once spread in flight

Now wrapped in silence

Rest in dreams

Of night dawning

Pages turned slowly

Soaring to the light


Happy Birthday

Laced crystals are falling once again
Our thoughts may now turn to you
Forgotten during most of the year
Music drifts, a familiar refrain.

Simple ideas of truth and peace
Common sense we too often miss
So easy to ignore or forget
Within each of us are hidden the keys.

The date may well be wishful or true
The story embellished and changed
Twisted focus on profit and gain
One simple truth still shines through.

Regardless of church or of belief
In spite of wars fought to validate
Beneath the facade of ritual and words
For each and everyone his life he bequeathed.

Merry Christmas

For You



Complete, or as much as I can be


With you I am me, in all my quirky glory


I love you for many reasons but most of all I love you for letting me be myself


I will stay by your side, enjoy my life and bring you as much happiness as I can.