The Demon Within


Never far from the surface
Dwelling in the past
In dank dark places
He awaits a sweet repast

He does not have a conscience
No sense of right or wrong
No limits to his anger
Forgotten for far too long

In rare times of weakness
He ventures to the light
Savage destruction is his goal
Vengeful  damage is his delight

Finally seen in the daylight
Naked in his truest form
Slinking back into his lair
After feeding on the storm






In secret places seeds may fall
Fertile soil beyond the wall
Planted in time they will grow
Yet we may never know
Anger’s weeds are fast to bloom
Fear allows the growing room
Shame to feed the subtle shoots
Pride digs deep its roots
Slowly sometimes roses bloom
Pushing up from the tomb
Vines climb from deep within
Atop a wall to begin again



On the misty mountains
Secrets dwell
Through greenest valleys
And moss strewn Dells
Legends lived
And linger still
We are drawn to home
And we always will




Land Of Dreams



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Nothing is, as it seems

Veiled and false

In this land of dreams


Beauty covers pain

Deeply hidden

No one is to blame


What you may want

Others become

Farther from the Fonte


Cut the subtle vein

The horror within

As life yields to pain


And awaken, please

From this play

You have the keys




The Custodians



We were given a gift

The world to command

All Wisdom in our hands


If the World was without us

How would it be less?


We were gifted the One

Self-aware and absorbed

Yet we are so blind


Ego raised to an art

A World set apart

And we raped it all


The world without Man

Nature’s balance

As it was planned


What was the gift

We gave?

What did we offer?


If we never were

Life would have endured

Ensured as designed


Yet we were, we are

Lost in ourselves

Until the bitter end




Where perfection is worshipped

And flaws are distained


Every voice holds the Word

And I am home again


With love restored

One voice will sing.


Personal Demons

Twilight’s shadows consume my thoughts,
reapers glove clutching daylight to suffocation.

Sleep remains elusive, in waking dreams,
obsessive images loop unfettered.

Fertile soil of ancient memories,
spawn demons of my past realms.

Yesterday storming today’s bastions of sanity,
manufactured reality expired, obsolete.

Gatekeeper guard the boundaries of my soul,
fist falls of desperation resounding, pounding.

Claw the erected walls upward,
crumbled reality a pinhole of dawns light.

Relinquish the reapers grasp,
another day as demons wait for dusk.