Through The Mirror



One look in the mirror and clearly he knows,

How others see him, the flaws that he shows,

He solemnly swears that in good time,

He will change, he will grow; to the top he will climb.


Reflection Man plans, plots and schemes,

Living his life far beyond his means,

Appearance is everything; of this he is sure,

For all of his issues this must be the cure.


Now as he rises in false social worth,

This illusion he believes, in his own self-rebirth,

Sitting alone though he can sometimes feel,

The stranger inside and the truth he conceals.


Reflection man walks with a purpose and pride,

Holding truth captive, pushing it way down inside,

The battle now lost for the man he once knew,

Screaming trapped in a mirror that he cannot see through.







Speak to me with meaning,

your words and meanings clear,

not with imagined feelings,

you might think I want to hear.


Trust that I will understand,

what you feel you now must say,

not with words that you have planned,

to hold emotions at bay.


Speak to me with meaning,

let this one thing in life be true,

with a world so full of scheming,

at least let me trust in you.



So Cold


When did this ice age happen?

how did I miss the signs?

when one upon another we fall,

so cold in our designs.


When callous hearts forget to feel,

how can love bloom and grow?

when I to you and you to me,

so many insults are thrown.


When caring is the victim,

how sad this time and place,

when personal gain is paramount,

so far the fall from grace.