Through The Mirror



One look in the mirror and clearly he knows,

How others see him, the flaws that he shows,

He solemnly swears that in good time,

He will change, he will grow; to the top he will climb.


Reflection Man plans, plots and schemes,

Living his life far beyond his means,

Appearance is everything; of this he is sure,

For all of his issues this must be the cure.


Now as he rises in false social worth,

This illusion he believes, in his own self-rebirth,

Sitting alone though he can sometimes feel,

The stranger inside and the truth he conceals.


Reflection man walks with a purpose and pride,

Holding truth captive, pushing it way down inside,

The battle now lost for the man he once knew,

Screaming trapped in a mirror that he cannot see through.







I once believed I had a choice

That each of us had free will

That who I became was up to me

I once believed


I once believed I made a difference

That somehow things could change

That choices I made could stem the flow

I once believed


I once believed our right to be

That the good in others would prevail

That in the end it would all make sense

I once believed


I once believed there was a reason

That others shared in common

That it all would become clear in time

I once believed



In Reflection


Whose words flow now, from these fingers?

Surely not my own, the world now somehow smaller,

Age reminds me, this time is mine alone.


Spark memories now, from whose mind did this flow?

Mist of times past, lives lived, now sleep, uneasy dreams,

As long forgotten, some things never meant to last.


Speak to me, as ghosts in a dream, a whisper in a quiet moment,

Voice of an old man, mislead me no longer,

Release me to sleep, as the hour outlives the plan.


Glory past, as spent coppers to flowers,

Release me from bonds, promises made in hast,

Life’s lie, so clear, stones cast, ripples upon a pond.










Nail Me To The Cross Again

Lay down rules to follow,
isolation of sins and tears,
the plan known only to God,
find power in the innocence of fear.

Dominion betraying duty,
quoting verse, chapter and creed,
pompous braggarts revere,
dictate the path of greed.

Defects of man raised by devine intervention,
the cost in souls to feed the need,
patterns and rules to which I must bend,
to claim success,  the lies to breed.

How I may strive to live a life devine,
your darkened soul perverse in vice,
how you tell me to surrender,
to your faith I should give my life.

What you tell me God is, should I believe?
should I lay down and die?
common sense tells me otherwise,
no longer can I follow your lies.