In Translation


I speak or I write
You hear or see
Not said or written
To you from me

Words are of my past
I can say no more
Yet you understand
Your want and more

Inflection reigns down
Scavenged meanings lost
Building your own story
No matter the cost

Yet I will always try
To speak to a heart
One that never forgets
Why we are all apart



The Question

Where you in Love?
I loved, was all I could manage
I have forgotten the, “you,” I was

Did you Love her?
I loved, but there was damage
I said after a long pause

Do you miss her?
I replied as politely as I could
I gave my heart because

Was it all worth it?
I loved the best I was able
It was who I was


On This Day


If my life began today, I would not miss the past.
Your love awakened me and I am made new for you.

If my life ended tomorrow, I would smile.
Your love awakened me and I am held in truth.

Only Words


Hearing words, they are but sound
Shallow pools in an oceans depths
Tidal whispers silence the roar of waves

In tidal pools, life is small
Struggle, to breath sometimes

Striving to live life diminished
Yet the source is near
If we could but remember

In tidal pools life is small
The oceans depths are always near