I am myself an idea

Nothing more


Writing fading words

From the deep before


Upon illusions page

The stories score


A life imagined

Nothing more.


Dark Night



Dark beauty arise

In blackness

Dark nights reprise


Beyond sighted eyes

In silence

Beyond fallen cries


Faith no more

In sadness

Faith to abhor


Known yet unknown

In silence

Known yet alone


Dark beauty arise

In blackness

Dark beauty arise

Final Breath


This bottle is fragile

What I can say, filtered, safe

Pushing, pulsing

Contained for now


This tongue bleeds

Bitten and held

Breathe; soft words, alone.


They cannot see

Yet, I am they, and I must

Hold it, wait…

I cannot hold them…


They have jumped

From the cliff

Pummeled and broken


And I grieve

Sacrificed to falsities

Led astray in the glow

Turn it off; see!


Truth was always here

Beside you and with, within.

Breathe and be.



Among the trees

Leaves softly speak

To the breeze

That moves them


Whispers in our ears

If we but listen

Maybe too near

Do you hear them?


Simple as this

We seek to find

A knowing kiss

Do you feel it?


It was always here

Where you began

Every fallen tear

Does your heart know it?

Over The Wall


They say I arrived; born

I do not; cannot remember

They say it was in December


The first stones were laid

I was taught yes and no

What to say, and it was so


School taught me the rules

Do this, not that, they said

So the foundation was laid


Safety within the wall

Where we are all the same

Far too young to blame


My culture, my people

Be the same, always fit in

If we agree there is no sin


Stone set upon stone

You and me, us and them

Keep them out, and us in


Now I cannot truly see

Things you wanted for me

And I am not free


My heart aches

I stop

I cannot see

Beyond the wall

Blindly I climb


Not knowing

Where I am bound

Yet I must search

And lost or found

I will see


All of what I was denied

What a world denies

If my life, I must give

To know the truth

Then I offer this alone


All that I truly have.

The End Of Innocence

Deep basic black, in joy he soared

Sleek violet sheen

Most mornings we met the dawn


Now every day he will be gone

What did it mean?

Nothing of import to the bored


He misjudged, only one time

Wind or speed

Nature can be unforgiving


So an end to this living

Finality without heed

At dawn he will no longer shine


This friend of mine

I Am


Courtesy of:

We are not of this place

Thrust here without grace

Into rules that bind

Yet the spark is not blind


Teach me to be as you

Tell me your words are true

Tell me how things must be

Eyes down, never try to see


Now the threats, they fade

As I see the price they paid

To fit into this sad machine

Knowing what a life can mean


Wonder; when old and worn

Left alone for the younger born

Free to finally understand

This life was in another’s hand.