Breathe life to hope forgotten

Wings enfold a soul

Once spread in flight

Now wrapped in silence

Rest in dreams

Of night dawning

Pages turned slowly

Soaring to the light


Shared Moment


Pristine white in crystals glow

Fading light held one last time

Facets jeweled in grace and flow


Reflected moments of the passing day

Unique and alone within the storm

Sharing a single moment, then fade away



Early Riser

Senses awaken, faint hint of love unmistaken
Crumpled bedsheets, almost innocent white
Scents that remind, with thoughts intertwined

Pale dawn slowly creeping, while I half sleeping
Through soft lit dust on Venetian shades
Half read books lay strewn, around this room

Nowhere to be, eyes open slowly to see
You, soft breathing, hair loosely cascading
Beside you I am free, so where else could I be?

Quiet Solace

1280X800 (wallpaper, Buddhism) Samsung Galaxy Tab








Chasing, desperately grasping,

A sense of lacking, all pervading,

Happiness, something to be lived up to,

Sought after, wrestled to the ground.


Looking outward, searching, elsewhere,

Waiting for the, “someday,” this present we bear,

Plan, wish and hope it may find us,

As if it were something to be found.


Battered and worn, fallen again,

Wearied and broken in sorrowful pain,

Rest gently now, within the silence,

What was never lost may now abound.



4am Duluth

The city sighs in slumber
Her breasts rise and fall
Ice cold flows still clinging
Another few weeks until the thaw

Crossing the still frozen harbor
The high bridge, strange orthodontics
Silver across the gaping maw
Soon the ships will return

Restless as the lake sleeps
The city waiting above
Low rumbling just as dawn breaks
Always hungry for more