Nature Prayer


Original Art: stephendallen

Harbinger of souls
Carry me beyond
This Earthly caste

Above the forlorn
To rise, to see
Clear and open

Beyond the rabble
See the whole
Unmired from detail

Dark wing carry
Into the sun
Where all are one





I fear loosening these bonds
Held in check
Generations taught

Displaced out of context
Out of home culture
They are questionable

The links are rusting
And I am strong
Creaking they strain

Knowing is a whirlwind
Unleashed in full fury
Unbound and free

Birthing the rainbow



The Dogs Of War



Release the dogs of war

Literary beasts, teeth rending

The fabric of personal realities

Digested too long, spew forth.


Primal vicissitudes evolved

Transformed by perception, and time

Unleashed, set forth to feed upon

Ravenous souls bereft of direction.


Purpose guide my pens blade

Slash life upon this virgin page

Blood stained truth covering

The lies and banalities of this world.





The Emptying



Lives are lived in pain

Chastised and often small

Truth profound yet plain

Arising above it all


Now there is less past

Thoughts by others drawn

Shards of shadows cast

Cast upon an empty dawn


Piece by piece removed

Humility fills the space

Places lies once dwelled

Empty without a trace


A journey of one step

Passing through a door

Taken with no regret

Now and ever more