The Custodians



We were given a gift

The world to command

All Wisdom in our hands


If the World was without us

How would it be less?


We were gifted the One

Self-aware and absorbed

Yet we are so blind


Ego raised to an art

A World set apart

And we raped it all


The world without Man

Nature’s balance

As it was planned


What was the gift

We gave?

What did we offer?


If we never were

Life would have endured

Ensured as designed


Yet we were, we are

Lost in ourselves

Until the bitter end





Sadness sit beside me

Most profound your endless depths

Thunderous in silent essence

Crossing paths through all my deaths


Sadness come and shade me

From the sun, a smiling face

I have the time to spend with you

Your presence I embrace


Sadness lift your face to me

Your whispers I will finally hear

Telling me to understand

The words now crystal clear


Sadness I now know you

My old friend shunned in shame

Your burden lifted from our back

When there was no one to blame