A Tree and Me


Courtesy: https://medium.com

A cluttered world
Nothing is finished
Everything begun
Distraction forbids

A tree beckons
A simple thing
Touching, seeing
Two as one

Face to face
Not back against
No distractions
Just a tree and me





When time is short
When all seems done
You may meet the one

Breathing new life full of hope
Breath to a heart of stone
Seeing you are not alone

No matter the cost
No matter how hard
Travelling miles without regard

When two become one
When you finally see
As it was meant to be


I Was


I was a boy throwing sticks
The chestnut tree so tall
Hours every day
The prize that would not fall

In driving rain before school
I would try to hit
The autumn’s last prize
Never doubting it

“Conkers” was the game
On a string to split
Oven baked on a string
That final hit

And I remember that
A life so simple and pure
So free in innocence
That life endures


Breaking Point

Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (Official Video)

Today I found it!
That point we all ignore, but…
We know it is there.

When we are done
The point of no return
And I am free.

Shackles gone forever
Cares mean nothing
Floating on a breeze.

I will ever be the little guy
Guitar on a ledge
Beyond the world.

Feel Good!