Until my last breath
My last gasp
I will be here
Trying to explain

The simplicity
We have lost
In the mêlée
We maintain

And to say Adieu
As I go from here
I will shed no tear
As I will see you soon.


Stoic & Buddhist





A sigh revealed

Too long covered

Virtue and sin

Melded to one

Earth and sky

Taste of life

And knowing is

The return of love




I see and love

I understand,  I try

Unmoved in my seeing

In the least of these


I do not; I cannot, judge

Every breath a gift

Yet I cannot rest

Even if not for me


Others abound

And I fail into my,”Life.”

My Wants go

My Concerns go


I am for you.

I have always been

For in you, I am

You may be


Someone I know

Or a stranger

You may be Him

How can I know?


And I realize

“You,” are in all

Every touch I give

Every heart I know


I am Yours.



Original Art:


I am NUG

A Naked Ugly Guy

Left outside alone

And never knew why


I am NUG

Carved with care

Then abandoned

Forgotten and left there


I am NUG

Decades have passed

Seasons are gone

Now I’m home at last


I was NUG

I am no longer alone

By my fireplace

I protect this home.








Blank Man


Courtesy of: SHiNiGAMi-Xiii – DeviantArt

I am unseen

the unknown

meekly I live alone

by choice, I live

as I will die

no legacy left

no one to cry.


If by chance

I choose to act

in charities pact

I take no thanks

I am unseen

as never here

A bow in a dream.


I was you

as you were me

the One ever free

I never came

you never went

though it seems

A life was spent.



The Custodians



We were given a gift

The world to command

All Wisdom in our hands


If the World was without us

How would it be less?


We were gifted the One

Self-aware and absorbed

Yet we are so blind


Ego raised to an art

A World set apart

And we raped it all


The world without Man

Nature’s balance

As it was planned


What was the gift

We gave?

What did we offer?


If we never were

Life would have endured

Ensured as designed


Yet we were, we are

Lost in ourselves

Until the bitter end