Eyes Wide Shut


To awaken is the goal
Another in a list
To do’s ticked off
One by one we move
Towards an end, the end

“We,” we say, meaning me
The obstacle grows
“Forget you,”
“I am on a path”
“I am right, you are lost”

And the arrogance remains
No one wants truth
Only their own; personal
Yet one remains ignored
Not joy nor bliss
As we wish

Crushing Truth; as is
Not wrapped in a bow
Raw, primal, obliterating
No return ticket given
And no path back

Words are cheaper by the dozen
Truth has no need
Open eyes never forget
And will never ask
“Are we there yet?”






Silent willow, burdened and weeping

Borne of neglect

Bent and twisted, life blood seeping


Seasons turn, torn from time

Heavy and broken

Watch the world no reason or rhyme


Silent willow, burdened and weeping

Accept this life

Try to forget, the secrets you’re keeping