Unmarked Path


Alone with thoughts
Beyond the road
Where dawn sings
Where birds shine

Bowing arboretum
Rustling a welcome
Where one is all
Where all are one

No signs in sight
To point the way
Where dawn sings
Where birds shine




Through The Years


In time all things fall
Insanity softens to understanding
It was not that, ever
Simply a Truth, beyond its time

Embraced, reconciled
Never apart, but finally accepted
Maybe known before its time
I was, am, that I always was

Now to feel more, and think less
Silence is no longer boredom
It never was, yet was unheeded
I am finally enjoying the play
And I applaud



In Everything


Beauty, so subjective
Yet it is
Whether we say so or not
Yet it is

In its existence
As it is
Whether we say so or not
As it is

Never our choice
Because it is
Whether we say so or not
Because it is

Never to have or hold
What is
Whether we say so or not
What is.






Images abound
An attempt to go
Where love is lost
No words resound

Trying to hold
The unreachable
No words remain
No lasting sound

Tainted images
Bodies of wonder
For a moment
But never found

Watching pictures
When all around
We ignore
Beauty that abounds


The Fire


The furnace of anger rages
Written upon pages
To another’s heart
We rend apart

On the morrow we see
Demons we set free
To hurt and diminish
A love finished

No path back can repair
Words so unfair
So much sorrow
Ours for tomorrow